About Us


A one-stop station for maids. Our FDWs are personally interviewed by our staff and they have to go through various stringent screenings in order to be on board to maids station.


Before we provide you with the ideal candidate, our customer service personnel will try their utmost best to understand your requirements and needs before making recommendations that best suits your family. In Maids Station, we take pride in providing excellent after sales service for our customers. We believe it’s our job to match you with the right helper and, our responsibilities moving on to handle any issues that may arise between you and your helper.

For our helpers, we listen and document their profile as accurate as possible and to match them with potential employers that, suits their expected job environment and salary. We believe in finding our helpers the right type of employers so that they are able to fulfill their contract obligations and most importantly, forge a good relationship with their employer.


In Maids Station we care not just for the employer, we care for our helpers too. Both the employers and helpers are important to us and we strongly believe that we should be transparent in the way we conduct our businesses. Creating a harmonious and ethical business environment is our primary focus before profitability. Maids Station always strive to be more than an agency. We continuously work with our partners in exploring ways that we can make life better for our helper’s families while they are working in Singapore.


We are confident to assist employers in getting the right helper for their household efficiently. For every employer becoming our client, we strongly believe that it’s more than just a business transaction. Our team aims to foster good relationship with the employers and the helpers throughout the contractual period, keeping effective communication between all parties.